About Us

“Caucas Transport Solution”  (CTS) is privately owned company established in March 2012. Company offers full range of freight forwarding and integrated logistics services to different industries mainly in Caucasus region, Central Asian and other CIS. Well-organized worldwide partner network enables company to offer door-to-door transport services from all over the world, for all types of cargoes.

Highly professional staff and proper management ensured quick growth of the company and good recognition among international partners and customers.

Company’s offices are located in Georgia, Germany, Italy turkey, etc.

We fully recognize that the existing ways of doing business and the framework of conceptions, that most of transport companies in Caucasus are operating within, are no longer sufficient. The steady growth of information-oriented society has arisen new needs for higher quality and more complex forwarding services. Now more than ever before we have to be flexible in our thinking-open to new and creative approaches to the business issues. We are engaged in constant efforts to provide new and better services for our customers. So, we are ready to receive your orders and sincerely hope you will find our services indispensable for your business.

We have done a great job to provide the best conditions for our customers.

Premium Service

Your personal manager is always in touch and ready to discuss individual conditions.


For many years we have earned a reliable reputation in this market and have proved our professionalism.

Minimal terms

According to this year’s data, we delivered 93% of cargo faster than the deadline